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                 Media professional, Ashley McDonough is a Howard University graduate with a Bachelors in Broadcast Journalism, minor in sociology. As a published multi-media journalist, McDonough has researched, interviewed, shot as well as produced a variety of packages and articles, ranging from topics of entertainment, love, world travel, culture and hard news. Since her graduation from Howard University, McDonough has obtained work experience with top media professionals such as Billboard, The Hollywood ReporterESSENCE MagazineSirius XM Radio, EBONY Magazine, CSPAN, Bustle, Elite Daily, Will Packer Production's-XoNecole, and iOne Digital. McDonough is able to produce stories independently, and is an avid user of a number of production platforms ex. Final Cut Pro, Premier and Dalet Plus. As a millennial, McDonough has a unique approach to delivering information/news to followers all while increasing the brand of the company using social media. McDonough has been involved in a number of journalism projects, and continues to pursue her passion in the media industry. 

A New York native of Caribbean descent, McDonough currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

As of 2018 McDonough announced she will be branching off into her first entrepreneurial venture, 'Melanin On The Map,' the FIRST EVER global app, dedicated to travelers of color. As a first-generation American who took interest in travel at a young age, McDonough wanted to create a safe space full of inspiration, education and travel opportunity catering to minority travel. After years of working in digital/editorial production while simultaneously traveling the world, McDonough combined her 3 passions of travel, culture and storytelling, launching Melanin On The Map. 

The FREE app  available for download in all iOS Apple and Android app stores. 

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