With her passion for writing, McDonough aims to write pieces that resonates with all people. She takes pride in writing pieces that not only educate readers, but inspires them as well. Her published articles can be  seen on ESSENCE Magazine, Madame Noire, Elite Daily and XONecole where she currently serves as lifestyle and culture writer.     

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April 20, 2018

“He has potential. But I can fix him?” Sound familiar? I’m almost certain most women are guilty of having dated at least one man based solely off of the potenti

March 30, 2018

What’s it called when you don’t want to romantically claim someone as your own, but don’t want anyone else to have them either? Mental illness.It’s about time w

February 17, 2018

Dating in 2018 as a millennial, it's complicated enough. With that said you can imagine just how stressful added insecurities must be. Unfortunately for me I learned the hard way, but after that experience I vowed to never do it again.

January 5, 2018

Until chivalry, respect and a little thing called actual effort comes back in style, yeah issa no for me.

Welcome to the generation where a Netflix and chill invitation is a sad excuse of courting a woman. The generation where sliding in your dm's is replaced with actua...

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