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God Bless Those 20somethings. . .

Your 20s are probably the best, most confusing, yet life changing years of your life, appreciate them.

Despite this ridiculous belief that young people don't have "real" problems or stress, your 20s might just take the cake for the most stressful time of your life. It's a time of self discovery, a time to make decisions that will change your entire life trajectory and a time full of utter mayhem and confusion. Just like our soultress sister Sza said "God Bless those 20 somethings".

Now don't get me wrong, the 20s of anyone's life is a great time to experience. I'm lucky enough to be experiencing it now. From college years for some, or endless partying and dating it's a carefree time, one that you probably won't ever experience again(once those responsibilities kick in) however the 20s are hard !

One of the most stressful things about being a "20 something" is the constant reminder on how pivotal these years are. While you're still young and expected to make mistakes and have your fun , the decisions you make during these years will dictate the rest of your life and knowing that , is terrifying. If it's not picking the right career that will satisfy you and your family in the future, it's picking a spouse that will most likely be your future partner in raising your children, I mean give us some time to process all of this.

We're new to this whole adulting thing, and still trying to figure it out , give us a minute !

We are expected to have all the answers about everything all while we are still fully trying to understand ourselves. As we grow as adults, our wants, desires and personalities change and we are simply trying to keep up with the growth.

The self discovery that takes place during this time however, is the most beautiful thing; especially when you feel it happening. You begin to really understand who you are and what you want out of life and every aspect of it. You don't tolerate things you did before, you're more secure in your choices and it's always beautiful to watch your own personal growth. It's truly a beautiful thing. Nevertheless it's still hard !

We're given entry level jobs, with entry level salaries expected to pay "non entry level" bills, loans and whatever else adulting asks from us.

We're pressured to not act like a kid, but in the "real world" we're treated like a toddler incapable of making conscious decisions, I mean the irony is ridiculous.

As fun as your 20s may be, it's a very confusing time. You want to be smart with your decisions, but the constant "you're only young once" mantra can't seem to leave your head long enough to do so. You're constantly torn with making adult like choices, when often times you still feel like a teenager at heart, just more developed with better fashion choices.

Some of your other 20 something friends are starting businesses and finishing college while others are building families and getting married. Let's not forget that the 20 something's of this generation have unlimited access to social media, opening the window to constant comparisons to other 20 somethings, but that's a whole nother story.

Anyway, It's a time for constant life changes and sometimes you don't really know where you fit in or even if you're doing his whole "adulting" thing right.

The confusion of these precious years of our newly found adulthood can drive any sane person crazy, but as difficult as it may be, appreciate these years !

These are the years where mistakes are not only acceptable but expected. It's ok to not have all the answers or know how to do everything asked from you at that job you hate. It's also ok to hate that job. it's all okay as a 20 something ! These are the years where figuring it out is expected and encouraged. Find out your likes and dislikes, what career path you plan on taking, what type of man or woman you're interested in dating, these are discovery year's, utilize them.

These years will be tough, and maybe some days it'll feel like you can't do anything right and you have no idea what these last 20 something years have taught you about life, but so what ! These are the years to figure all those things out.

Any elder of yours that you may admire has gone through these same precious years and made it out alive. Be inspired by that.

Although stressful and confusing, the 20s will be a time you will remember for the rest of your life. Whether it be the mistakes you've made or how much you've grown as a person, it will all be worth it in the long run. You can brag about making it through your first dreadful minimum wage job or finding the perfect first apartment. All prerequisites to any successful adult so it'll all be fine, I promise!

Things will fall into place when they are suppose to, don't rush it ! Appreciate these growing years. You'll get the job, you'll start the family, you'll have all the success you've dreamt of, just give it time. Nothing worth having will be easy( or whatever that corny cliche quote says).

So to all my 20 somethings, don't worry, you'll figure it all out, and if you don't we'll regroup in about 7 years to discuss the 30 something's. In the meantime just enjoy these moments as a "20 something" and appreciate this journey while you can.

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