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10 Signs Your Current Bae Isn't The One

In this overly complicated dating generation we live in, we ignore clear red flags about our current partners far too often. Blinded by lust, we mistakenly label love we continue to seek the same partner, with the same patterns ultimately creating the same heartbreak later down the road. Ignoring the signs right in front us, we engage in dead end relationships, finding ourselves back at square one, time and time again.

These 10 signs listing why your current bae might not me the one, are sure to save you some time and energy as you get into your next relationship.

You Aren’t Their One and Only

Some people have an issue with monogamy and aren’t satisfied with one partner; but if you seek monogamy throughout your relationships and your partner continues to disrespect! You should always be their one and only, and should never feel like you are in competition with anyone. Some people treat their dating lives like an episode of The Bachelor and leave you with a roster of others to compete with, and nobody deserves that. You are a queen, that is worthy of all their love and attention.

You Don’t Trust Them

Trust is everything in a relationship. If you don’t have trust you don’t have anything. If you have constant doubts about the whereabouts of your partner and find yourself sneaking through dm’s to confirm your suspicion, it isn’t healthy. Although society has normalized the snooping through our partners privacy, in all actuality if you have to go through such great measures to maintain a relationship, maybe that relationship isn’t the one for you.

He Doesn’t Claim You

Men are very territorial and if they see something they want, they are going to claim ownership of it. By no means, do I mean you should feel like property to a man, but a man proclaiming you are his partner proudly for everyone to see, is a man who knows just what he wants and isn’t interested in playing games with you. In this “situationship” era full of confusing dating rules, a man that will not only give you a title but most importantly respect that title, is a keeper.

The Relationship Isn’t Progressing Overtime

Relationships are all about growth. The people you were when you first started dating should not be the same people 5 years into the relationship. As your mentality, finances, and love grows for one another, your overall relationship should be advancing as well. If you aren’t witnessing your relationship reach new levels in every stage of your life then why are you in that relationship?

He’s a Liar

You never know who you’re dating when you date a liar, and that’s a scary reality. Liars are not to be trusted, they’re sneaky and their unpredictable actions is sure to drive any woman crazy. If your current partner is constantly lying to you no matter how minor or major, he isn’t the one.

He Lacks Goals and Ambition

A man that lacks goals and ambition can not want much for any relationship if he doesn’t want much for his own life. If a man has no 5 year plan, 1 year plan, or even a plan for the weekend, then what future can you really expect to build with him. Relationships should be about growth, both individually and as a unit, and if he has no goals or ambition your relationship is sure to remain stagnant.

He Doesn’t Listen to You

If you find yourself constantly explaining yourself and feelings to a man who couldn’t care less about what you thought, he’s not the one for you. You deserve a partner who will listen to your wants, desires, needs, opinions and feelings without judgement. You shouldn’t feel hesitant to express yourself, but instead, you should be embraced whenever you want to talk.

He Brings Out The Worst In You

If he brings out the crazy, jealous, or insecure traits in you, he’s not the one. Your partner should always bring out the positive traits in you, and push you towards being the best version of yourself you can possibly be. Your partner should want the best for you, as they do themselves, and bringing out the negative in you is counterproductive to your own personal growth.

You Can’t Be Your Authentic Self

If you ever feel like you can’t be yourself around your partner or you are constantly pretending to be someone you’re not, this is never a good sign. Your partner is supposed to be a safe place for you to unwind, and relax, judgement free. If he doesn’t give you that contentment throughout your relationship, he may not be the one for you.

Your Goals For The Relationship Are Incompatible

If you want a marriage, white-picket fence and dog name Toto but he’s still stuck on a situation mindset and “seeing where this thing goes”, do not waste any more of your time. Compatibility is key in any relationship. It’s important that you list out just what you want out of a relationship and make sure your goals align with his. Understanding early on that you two aren’t on the same page for what it is you both want, can save you both time and unnecessary heartache.

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