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Black Girl Magic...Nah ?

Now before y'all take my Black card away, hear me out! As much as I love a moment to praise and celebrate the black woman. Or even as much as I've overused the hashtag #BlackGirlMagic when educating my friends on an achievement of one of my sisters. I can't help but be a tad confused on the sudden appreciation of Black Women. It's almost as if we just became magic overnight or something. Like fairy dust lightly sprinkled across our beautiful melanin glistened skin and instantly became magically. I mean after all these centuries, we finally got it right ? Right ?

Wrong !

What is it with this society selectively choosing appropriate times to celebrate Black culture? Or Black Women ? As if Black Women haven't prospered in every industry for years; displaying our magic in everything we do, say or become.

It took Queen Bey to tell y'all to get in formation for the rest of the world to finally get on board with something we knew all along ?


But since society seems to be a bit delayed. Let's take it back.

Before we had the Beyonce's and Oprah's of the world it was Araminta Ross, best known as Harriet Tubman. Now when I think bravery, fearlessness and dedication I instantly think of Queen, Harriet. For any Black woman during that time to take a risk like running away from her slave masters, and having the audacity to take others with her was unheard of. A selfless act of courage all for a better life she knew she deserved. Others would be fearful, or maybe just worry about freeing themselves.

But not for Queen Harriet !

Harriet Tubman traveled through the underground railroad 19 times, and saved over 300 slaves. That kind of altruism is one of kind. A move maker, who saw the bigger picture changed the world with her courage. A woman who stood her ground, and didn't take no mess.

While Tubman's kindness was evident that was never to be confused with weakness. In fact, she held many slaves at gunpoint if they even questioned turning back. A true leader, BOSS and a downright gangsta.

To date, I still haven't witnessed a braver woman. Thanks Harriet.

Fast forward decades later to Ms. Sarah Breedlove, best known as Madam C.J. Walker. A certified BOSS herself, Ms. Walker, daughter of slaves became the first African American millionaire. With her empire built on hair products and hair care, this self made millionaire changed the game for all money making mami's everywhere.

A true hustler like no other Madam CJ Walker, used her own personal hair issues to create an empire, unknowingly helping women centuries after her death. Despite it being a time of hatred and segregation in the 20th century, this icon changed the game amidst the adversities upon her.

Black Girl Magic at it's finest.

Now let's talk about our modern day superhero, our forever First Lady, First Lady Michelle Obama. Michelle Obama is simply life goals personified. I mean, double Ivy league graduate, wife to the first black president of the United states, amazing mother of two outstanding magical black girls, author, lawyer, activist, and she does it all so flawlessly; might I add drop dead gorgeous. I mean, in all honesty it's unfair for her to be this perfect, but Michelle Obama has definitely earned her stripes.

With all this success, this woman has continued to stay true to her Chicago roots, and has remained graceful despite all odds. An 8 year run as first lady of the United States, and those 8 years were far from easy. With all the odds against them Mrs. Obama and her husband changed the world.

Black Women have always been the move makers and game changers, and that is very evident throughout generations.Despite society not always accepting us, we always made a way, and we always will.

I say all this to say that Black girls have been running things, making moves and magical as ever since the beginning of time. Although I appreciate the (extremely delayed) recognition of my sisters, I just need society to know that the magic of Black girls is not a phase that can be minimized to a mere hashtag or few months of appreciation. This is who we are, this is what we've been and this is how we will continue to be.

The magic within us has been passed down throughout generations and despite society's tardy awareness, that magic will live through us forever.

Society, nice of you to join us.

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