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Unapolegtic Black Woman #IAINTSORRY

Hi, I'm Ashley McDonough, I'm 23 years old and I'm a proud UNAPOLOGETIC BLACK WOMAN. Don't worry, please don't be alarmed by the caps, I'm not an angry black woman, nor am I hostile, difficult or hard to please. I'm actually pretty nice; or at least I try to be. I'm also college educated, employed and was raised by both my parents ( who are still married by the way) surprising huh ? Well not to me, but to society's perspective maybe.

You see, society which is according to the U.S Census Bureau, only 13.3% Black as of 2016, has done such a fine job at defining what a black woman is. In all honestly it's pretty impressive to know that the majority living in this country can so accurately describe and generalize a minority group with so many different sectors. Whether that be based off how we're depicted on television or simply from the ignorance passed down through generations, society has got it pretty much all figured out.

So of course I understand your confusion when introduced to an unapologetic black woman, like myself.

You see, you most likely have preconceived notions of who I am, or should be; I mean it's human nature to presume sometimes, right ? So of course you may be taken back once I don't fit the box you've so kindly already checked off for me.

But that's the thing about unapologetic black women they can't be categorized or placed in a box. We are all so different and versatile, you'll wear yourself out trying to figure us out; and we would hate to cause you any more stress.

So let me help you in understanding the unapologetic black woman.

For starters, there is not one definition of what an unapologetic black woman is, it's more of a way of life than an actual person. The unapologetic black woman is so versatile, it confuses people quite often.

You see society does this thing where it pretty much tells you who you are, and based off that, tells you what lifestyle you are expected to live, sounds ridiculous right ? I mean think about it, think back to high school when everyone was categorized by a title/group. You were either preppy, nerds, popular, athletes, loners the list goes on. Society is pretty much one oversized high school labeling us unsolicitedly and expecting us to act accordingly.

If you're smart you are expected to act this way, if you're sexy you are expected to act that way. As if people aren't multifaceted enough to do both ?

But for the unapologetic black woman..... Hell nah !

We don't confine to social norms. #IAintSorry

You ever see someone turn up at a social gathering, attend an activist movement, praise the Lord on Sunday and return to regular work programming bright an early Monday morning? Well, that my friend is an unapologetic black woman. A woman capable of being many different things, and living unapologetically in every aspect of her life. Being so secure in herself that she doesn't have to fit into any box provided by society, but continues to create new boxes throughout her life journey.

By society creating categories for people it makes defining them much easier. But the unapologetic black woman isn't interested in being easy, we are interested in being real and authentic in who we are. We aim to show the world that you don't have to just be one thing your entire life.

Change is good, growth is even better.

Unapologetic black women grow and redefine themselves everyday, as they continue to progress as women, at their own pace, regardless of society's opinion. Society tends to promote unwritten rules of life quite often. Whether it be what age we should be married, or when we should start a family, everyone's got an opinion.

But for the unapologetic black woman, we create our own rules and everyone else will just have to act accordingly.

We are true to who we are, and all the many facets of us. We don't confine to the standards of which society has forced upon us, we create our own. We are ambitious, AND fun. We are sexy AND elegant. We are activist AND compassionate, and that's not up for debate.

We are UNAPOLOGETIC BLACK WOMEN and WE ain't sorry !

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